Our Team

About Us

We're a group of designers, analysts, writers, engineers, merchandisers, executives, planners, managers, and workers that believe every person deserves a design with a story and purpose. As a team, we're scrappy, straightforward, strategic, and snack-oriented. We think big, but we sweat the details. We take our work (but never ourselves) seriously.

Akta Adani,

Founder & CEO

Erin McClary

Erin McClary,

Director - Marketing

Gargi Chakravarty, 

Design & Operations Manager 

Alexandria Solorzano,

Client Experience Manager

Radhika Arekar,


Jacqueline Bradley,

UI/UX Designer

Chiara Townley,

Content Specialist

Rae Corpuz,

Client Experience Associate

Serge van der Lingen - Developer

Serge van der Lingen,

Full Stack Developer

Karina Sanchez

Karina Sanchez,

Client Experience Associate

Simran Sarin

Simran Sarin,

Graphic Design Intern