Meet the


Akta Adani

Founder & CEO

As our Founder & CEO, Akta dips her toes in all aspects of the business. Proud and true to her culture and mission, she keeps the company moving forward and upward. During her downtime, you will find her gulping down black coffee. She lives her life by 3 words "Passion, purpose and perserverance". 

Aubrey Rojas

Social Media & Content Manager

Aubrey specializes in social media, content creation, and event planning! A Sin City born and raised is rom-com expert, and pop culture junkie. Most importantly, she lives by a very simple life motto of “More espresso, less depresso.”

Katie Holcomb

Customer Success Manager

Katie is all about providing the best possible services to our customers. She also has a serious love for, Harry Potter, a good glass of wine, and puppies. She's your 'go to person' when you need a little smile in your day.

Kanika Kalra

Designer & Operations Associate

Kanika is our very own maker community & operations champion. An actress by passion, she knows how to get things done. She believes "it’s all about pushing past your comfort zone to achieve greatness and motivate everyone else to do so too."

Ahmed Rizawan

Fullstack Developer

Ahmed is our go-to techie. He is somewhere between a technology freak, internet nut and an E-commerce enthusiast. He is incharge of everything from our website development to data recovery. However, Ahmed true talent lies in his ability to eat 2 large pizzas at once, with or without fries. Aka when you need a lunch buddy, he’s your guy.

Reshmika Nag

Part-time Designer Community Associate

Reshmika is a fashion fanatic. Having been born and raised in a city full of heritage and history, Kolkata, she was inspired from a young age to jump into the design industry. She spent 5 years working in the fashion industry and loving every moment of it. Reshmika is all about the building her education bank and gaining knowledge of the industry every day.

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