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We believe what you wear should be a reflection of who you are. Every person deserves a design with a soul, a story, and a purpose. That's why we partner with boutique designers, to blend your style with their time-tested skills to develop an exclusive look just for you.

By personally working with each of these talented boutique designers and using only local materials, we establish a strong relationship with our designers. From there, we sell directly to you online - there is no middleman. This is how we are able to offer made to order products, crafted with the highest quality materials, at affordable prices accessible to you from the comfort of your home.

Akta Adani

A wedding, an idea, a start...

In 2015, my quest to find the perfect wedding dress gave me the idea for Kyra & Vir. Through all the designer showrooms I visited, three problems remained constant - they all had limited designs, offered no customization and had high-markups. I thought to myself that shopping should be a pleasant, engaging and bespoke experience - something that no one was offering!

Growing up in the shadow of a talented designer, I knew that there was a need for something more personal and bespoke. I believe that every person deserves a design with soul, a story, and a purpose.

Our mission is to make designer wear accessible to everyone everywhere.

Akta Adani
Founder, Kyra & Vir