Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Orders & process

How do I place an order?

At Kyra & Vir, there are many ways to arrive at your dream look.

The quickest way to place an order is to shop our collection, choose your favorite style, select from a range of optional customizations available, and follow the steps through checkout.

If you would like a more customized look or want to place a large order please fill out our contact form and a stylist will contact you shortly.

How do I place a custom order? 

You have the option to alter an existing style from our online shop or start a design completely from scratch. Simply fill out our contact form and our stylist will schedule a time with to discuss your needs and get started on a unique garment just for you!

Is it possible to make changes to an existing order?

At Kyra & Vir, it’s our commitment to making sure the client is never left out of the design process, so we will make sure your ideas are taken into full effect! Once an order is placed with us after you have provided your measurements, we cannot edit the order.

This allows us to ensure that the design can be delivered in a timely manner right at your doorstep.

What if I want to cancel my order?

An order can be canceled within 24 hours of being processed. You can either chat with a stylist or write to us at You will receive a partial refund on any orders before the 24-hour mark. Any order needing to be canceled after the 24-hour mark, will not be refunded as we have already begun the production work on your design.

Can I track my order?

Yes, you can log in to your account and track the status of your order. As soon as the order is ready for delivery, we will send you the tracking information to track your shipment as well. For any questions, feel free to use our live chat on the website or drop us a line at

How long will my order take?

Our normal turnaround time will take 3-4 weeks from the time your measurements have been received with shipping included. We also offer an expedited process and shipping for the shipment to reach you within 2 weeks at an additional charge.

Please note for bulk or multiple orders, the order may take longer than normal or may be excluded from the express order option as well.

When will I know if my outfit is in the final stages of the process?

You can always track the status of your order on the information page to find out the status of the order. You are also more than welcome to ask a stylist through chat or via your thread of the order to ask for the status of the order as well.

Design Advice

How do I know what my outfit will look like?

Our design team is experienced and professional. We will monitor your garments at every step of the design process. The design will also go through extensive quality checks before the shipment is dry cleaned, packed and ready to be shipped out to you! If you are still in doubt, talk to our stylist and we’ll help you along the way -

What type of fabric do you utilize for your outfits?

Our stylists always recommend the best fabric depending on the type of outfit, embroidery, silhouette, body shape and budget. We provide you with a detailed summary of the fabric before we begin work on the outfit. You can recommend alternative or change the fabric before the order is placed.

How closely will you be able to replicate my design?

As a policy, we cannot promise or replicate any design. We work with you to understand your design and give you more information on what to expect from the garment. We provide a detailed order confirmation to assure you of your look. For further questions, please write to and we will be able to guide you further.

What if I am not happy with my outfit?

We go through a rigorous approval process to ensure your vision is 100% factored in your order every step of the way. However, if you are unhappy with your order, please contact with specific details of the dress that is made incorrectly. We would be happy to help fix any issues!


Quality & Care

How do I take care of my outfit?

We always recommend your outfit to be dry cleaned and steam ironed due to the quality of the fabric, and the hand stitched embroidery may not be exposed to heat or high pressure. Ask a stylist for your specific design to make sure you are handling the outfit correctly.

Fit & Sizing

How do I provide measurements?

We will always recommend you to schedule a time that works best with your schedule and our fit expert to video chat and take measurements. This will ensure that all measurements have been taken accurately based on the style you have selected. However, you can follow the steps of the measurements page to take them to a local tailor or with a family member or friend.

Do I need a measuring tape for the video call?

Yes, we do need you to have a measuring tape for the video call. We will need you to have no shoes or hair out of the way of taking your measurements as well! Make sure to be relaxed as possible, and understand our stylists want to ensure everything is taken correctly to get the best outcome of your garment.

Do you handle alterations?

All our outfits are designed per your specifications and we always keep a margin of 1-2 inches in each outfit for alterations. Please reach out to our live help – in-house stylists or email us at, in case you need to make minor alterations. Please note we will cover minor alterations in the scope of your order.


Returns & exchanges

Do you offer returns or exchanges?

At Kyra & Vir, we are committed to having our clients satisfied with every order received. Every order is made to order just for you and therefore, we cannot accept returns or exchanges.  At times we make mistakes too, and if there’s something we messed up on, we will gladly remake the outfit. Please email us within 7 days of receipt of your delivery to address any concerns and write to us at

Please note that any remakes will generally take 2-3 weeks depending on the garment that needs to be remade. This will ensure our designers are given enough time to remake the garment perfectly for you!

Payments & Pricing

What type of payments do you accept?

Our website will allow you to pay once you have selected the exact garment or once you have customized one of our garments. We do accept all major credit cards in several different currencies. Should you feel more comfortable with PayPal, let your stylist know to send you an invoice!

Do you accept cash or check payments?

Due to the mobility and convenience of our company, we only accept PayPal, credit or debit card payments only.

When do I need to make payment for my order?

We cannot move forward to measurements or any part of the design process until the order has been made. All of our stylists and designers are committed to each and every order, so we want to ensure their work is valued during this process as well.

How do I know what is the price of my custom order?

For any external designs, we will make sure to price an outfit based on the fabric and embroidery used before payment is made. Feel free to ask a stylist of a price before committing to an order or list your budget as well! Our stylist will work with you to stay within your budget needs, and will list any modifications needed to the outfit to fit this budget as well!

How will I know the price of an outfit?

If you opt to buy an outfit from our online collection, the price will be as listed on the website. Simply click on the "Customize This Look" button on the product page to choose from a variety of free customizations, including size, preferred neckline, sleeve length, etc.

If you are designing an outfit from scratch or would like further customization on an existing style, pricing will vary based on fabric, embroidery detail, layering, or bordering.

For pricing questions regarding a specific order, please feel free to reach out to us at

Shipping & delivery

What countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide at no additional charge! We only do not ship to any PO Box numbers.

How much do you charge for shipping?

Shipping price will be included in every order that is placed for all clients!

How long will it take for my order to ship to me?

Our normal turnaround time will take 3-4 weeks from the time your measurements have been received with shipping included. We also offer an expedited process and shipping for the shipment to reach you within 2 weeks at an additional charge. Please note for bulk or multiple orders, the order may take longer than normal or may be excluded from the express order option as well.

Website & account

I am having trouble logging into my account, what do I do?

Try resetting your password from your login page, if that does not work feel free to contact us via our live chat or write to us at

Feedback & Help

How do I share feedback about my order?

At Kyra & Vir, we value all our client’s feedback. Please feel free to reach us via email at and let us know about your experience and design! You can also reach us via chat to let us know of your experience and design as well. We would love to receive any pictures you have of you wearing the design as well! Please feel free to ask your stylist to send an automatic feedback generated through our chat after your conversation as well.