Why We Needed Wonder Woman

Why We Needed Wonder Woman

Yes, “Wonder Woman” is just a movie, some people liked it, others didn’t. The point is that this movie represents a fresh new perspective on the hero character. With Marvel and Warner Bros., we got used to the man superhero—and our brain was trained to the idea that we need a man to save the world.

Cartoons and movies contribute to shaping our opinions and values because we start to watch TV from an early age. They are more important than we think when it comes to social and political behaviors. They reflect the society we live in, but they also have the power to shift our perspective. That’s what happened with Wonder Woman.

First of all, the movie is directed by a woman, Patty Jenkins. As the media already uncovered stories of gender bias in the film industry regarding female directors, this is one of the feminist pride points of the movie. 

The beginning of the film shows us a peaceful world where women are trained to fight the God of War, a man.


If you look at today’s society, men commit way more crimes than women, and more often than not, women are the victims. Think about the recent terrorist attacks and all the women who die by the hand of stalkers and violent ex-boyfriends. I don’t think you need statistics to agree with me on this point.

When “Wonder Woman” leaves the magical, peaceful island to look for the God of War and kill him once and for all, we can see dynamics that happen in real life between men and women. The men that accompany her in the mission don’t think she has the necessary strength to fight.

How many times have you been pushed down by men that didn't trust your judgment or skills enough to do the job? Gender bias is real, and the movie shows it clearly, even if it is masked in a Hollywoodian way. 

The reception of the film shows the appreciation of the public and the need we had to watch something different in superhero movies. “Wonder Woman” cost $149 million and already made 660.9 million at the box office landing the top domestic debut of all time for a female director.

Even though these elections didn’t show appreciation for a female leader, it’s clear that the public is looking forward to seeing a woman taking the lead and making the world a better place. Maybe, it’s an unconscious desire for some people, but I bet they would be curious to see what can happen with a woman in power.

Written by Chiara Townley

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