Why We Love India

Why We Love India

My Nation, My Pride

Long time back, I used to spend winter afternoons with my grandmother, as she would spread the chilies out in the sun and give them to dry, to make pickles. I would tell her that I can easily buy some off the market for her but she said that she liked it that way, even if it would mean that her back would hurt from all the bending down she would do.

She said that it used to be granddad’s favorite and she wished to uphold the keeping of the tradition, even if he wasn’t a part of it. He had passed away a long time back in the war of 1971.

And while this is a very personal story for me, it boils down to the raw, unadulterated nature of our culture where family holds a greater importance than anything else in the world.

And here’s why we love India, through all the tumultuous journeys and gradual but steady development.

1. The unity that comes through not just in diversity, but also in facing a calamity together is rich in the belief that justice should be served.  When there’s a fight against patriarchy or against any kind of harassment, a bunch of people would stand up for you, with you. And stronger than before, feminism now has its roots growing on the chest of Mother Earth.

2. The colors of India aren’t just bright and loud, they almost are fluid in a way that flows like poetry.  They find a home in Indian ethnic wear, making every thread a part of the weaver and the wearer’s story.

3. Not all the desi women follow fashion, but they all have a certain grace that nobody can compete with. Their eyes have a sparkle that doesn’t diminish even in the middle of a storm.

India Taj Mahal

4. India teaches you to be more imaginative – not just in the creative world, but also the different innovations that keep happening elsewhere. You see, we’re not blind to the problems that we or our fraternity face everyday and for that, instead of drowning in those problems, we float by, coming up with new innovations on our own.

5. While all sports may not be in the limelight when it comes to the international domain, we’re still leading in some. And proudly so.

Fun Fact: Chess was invented in India and that only proves that throughout history, we’ve ruled when it came to inventions that proved our IQ.
Chess Women India

6. Weddings – When it comes to big celebrations, nobody can do it with more pomp and glory than the Indians. Whichever community you belong to and whoever you’re getting married to, it doesn’t matter. It’s like the coming together of two families to become one family and the warmth and glow is visible everywhere.  The swish of lehengas and the intricacy of embroidery like zardosi, mirror work and chikankari will transform you into a fairytale setting where nothing can go wrong.

Written by Tapoja Roy 

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