What's Trending | Pick Your Favorite Fall Color

What's Trending | Pick Your Favorite Fall Color

The Pantone Fashion color palette for Fall 2016 is described as “a unity of strength, confidence, and complexity.” Each color from the collection comes with its unique character – from calming blues and earthy neutrals to even a few bolder tones, this palette encompasses a wide range of stylish and comforting options for the season. Be inspired by these hues, find the one(s) that reflects your personality and customize your trendy outfit for the Fall with Kyra & Vir.


Riverside – One of the leading colors in the palette, Riverside is the go-to option for a simple, tranquil and comforting look – new, yet familiar.



Airy Blue – As the other leading blue hue in the palette, Airy Blue brings with it a serene and soothing touch – a lighter, weightless feel.



Sharkskin – A neutral color with an edgy twist, Sharkskin is the balance between stability and confidence – and a color that can be easily accented.



Aurora Red – One of the bold colors in the palette, Aurora Red comes with a warm and daring aura – one which is engaging at first sight. 



Warm Taupe – A neutral tone, Warm Taupe carries a natural and approachable essence – a pleasant and composed quality that will always be in style.



Dusty Cedar – With a warm and complex feel, Dusty Cedar bears a unique angle on the classic rose gold – soft, hearty and relaxing.



Lush Meadow – One of the more vibrant colors from the palette, Lush Meadow elegantly conveys a sense of appreciation towards nature and the environment.



Spicy Mustard – With a dash of vibrancy, Spicy Mustard adds an exotic touch to the fall palette – relaying the message that it’s okay to stand out and be different.



Potter’s Clay – With earthy and grounded roots, Potter’s Clay brings a level of sophistication and assurance to the new fall palette.



Bodacious – Last, but definitely not the least, Bodacious, with its bright and versatile elements, embodies rich and high spirits – an unexpected but captivating choice for the fall.



Which fall hue resonated most with you? We, at Kyra & Vir, customize outfits to suit your aesthetics and style. So if you have a fall color in mind, head over to our website and chat live with our stylist to get your very own outfit made in that color. Yes, it’s possible to make your outfit!

You can also email us your request at inquiries@kyraandvir.com

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