What Neckline Should You Choose

What Neckline Should You Choose

 One of the most difficult decisions arises when trying to choose an outfit is what is the best type of neckline for you - whether it’s for a lehenga, saree, gown, or anarkali. Neckline choice would depend largely on personal preferences, body style and a your overall outfit cut.

Take a look at 12 different types of necklines that have been incorporated into Kyra & Vir beautiful collection – and pick the one that suits you the best !


This classic neckline can never go wrong. It is a flattering choice for any body type. Modify the depth of the V-cut depending on your personal preference. Style it with either a choker or a  V-shaped necklace that falls above the cut. If you want to wear a deep V-neck but you are not too comfortable showing it, wear a sheer cape over it to give it the V-neck effect yet not reveal too much.

2. Mandarin Collar Neckline

 A chic style that looks gorgeous on blouses paired with skirts. A perfect, comfortable combo of the V-neckline & a collared neckline. Suitable for all body types and a timeless, elegant option.

3. High Neckline

The perfect choice if you have a lean face and/or neck and a small bust size. The high neck eliminates the need for a necklace – however, definitely pair this neckline with big jeweled earrings for the final touch.

4. Boat Neckline

A neckline best suitable if you have a lean neck. This particular style makes shoulders appear broader. The necklace is optional, especially if the neckline is heavily embroidered or adorned with embellishments.

5. Collared Neckline

Similar to the high neckline, this type is most flattering for those with a lean neck. Avoid if you have a very large bust. Complement with big kundan earrings, and a pendant necklace if the blouse is not already embellished. A very trendy and classy option for all.

6. Keyhole Neckline

Another go-to type neckline that is suitable for all body types. Gives a fancy and stylish look. If desired, add a simple necklace falling above the neckline as to not detract from the keyhole.

7. Pentagon Neckline

An open and sophisticated neckline that helps give a broadened look to the shoulder area. Preferable for women with a larger bust size. An adorned dupatta is a great addition with this type of neckline.

8. Strappy Neckline

A trendy neckline that’s great for evening parties. Style with a simple pendant necklace and matching earrings to create the ultimate look. If you want to show off your shoulders, this should be your go-to cut.

9. Sweetheart Neckline

A neckline with a heart like a shape, creates a balanced look and an elongated appearance, drawing attention to the neck. Add a choker or a statement necklace if strapless for the perfect glam look.

10. Halter Neckline

A fashionable style that accentuates the shoulders – flexible and suitable for all body types. A necklace is unnecessary – pair with nice earrings and tie your hair back to complement the whole look.

11. Square Neckline

An open neckline elegantly revealing the shoulder bones and creating a broadened look. Accessorize with a choker or a pendant falling above the neckline. A nice, sophisticated choice for ladies with a larger bust size.

12. Round Neckline

Also called a crew neck, this neckline is best suitable for ladies with a small bust size and a lean neck. Goes very well with long pendant necklaces. If pairing with a skirt piece, a dupatta is optional.

To see any of these outfits, click on the respective images or speak to our stylist on our website to figure out what looks best for you.

Akta Adani

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