Upcycling - The Art of Creative Reuse

Upcycling - The Art of Creative Reuse

Every family has a history of tradition which gets passed from one generation to another. It could be an outfit, or a piece of jewelry to be worn at a family wedding or on that annual trip to your ancestral home. For my family, it was this beautiful saree with hand woven silk threads, in shades of purple and gold. This nine-yard cloth was given by my grandmother to my mom, and eventually to me on my 21st birthday.

Since that day on, I knew I wanted to preserve this saree in my wardrobe and that moment came at my brother’s wedding. Just like every other girl, I love lehengas and decided to upcycle the silk saree into a purple pink and gold lehenga. Till date, it is one of my most treasured outfits.

inspired by tradition, designed with love!

IndiaBoulevard Upcycling

We work with you to preserve the elements of the existing outfit that you love and incorporate them into your new outfit in a seamless manner. Be it the gold embroidery or the border of your mom’s wedding lehenga, we will make sure it always stays with you.

We recently upcycled a saree into a gorgeous anarkali for one of our first customers – Kaushal from Kaushal Beauty. I’d like for you to hear her talk about her experience upcycling with one of our partner designers.


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Written by Akta Adani

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