The Timeless Essence of Florals

The Timeless Essence of Florals

Spring may seem like the aptest time to bring out all your floral patterned outfits, however, at Kyra & Vir we recommend transcending this trend by breaking them out early – and that means this winter.

Florals, in a range of tones, can brighten up any winter day. The beauty of the floral print is its versatility – any outfit can be transformed to fit the occasion at hand. Florals themselves can be styled in a variety of ways, from simple & subtle looks to bolder, more noticeable ones. Time does not affect this trend, as it will always be a timeless, beautiful styling option.

Take a look at some of our favorite ways to wear floral this season that are sure to make you a style icon.

Floral Embroidery –

Add a touch of floral to either the blouse or skirt piece for a saree or lehenga by going the embroidery route. A subtle, yet trendy look.

Floral Patterned Blouse –

A gorgeous option and a personal favorite! Pair a plain, solid-colored skirt piece (or one with a hint of floral patterns) with a floral printed blouse and floral trim dupatta.

Floral Embellished Cape –

The cape is becoming one of the most stylish options this season. Add a neutral toned; flower embroidered cape piece to a once plain gown or lehenga for an elegant touch.

Floral Patterned Skirt –

Choose from a wide-range of floral patterns for the skirt piece of your outfit. To maintain the winter aura, go with a calm & cool toned color palette.

Floral Patterned Saree –

Drape a floral patterned saree over a solid-colored blouse piece for a beautiful look. A little bit of shimmer would greatly complement the holiday season.

Use hashtag #kyraandvir and share your floral story with us!

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