Three Ways to Drape a Dupatta

Three Ways to Drape a Dupatta

A defining characteristic of Indian wear is its versatility – a single outfit can be worn in different ways, tailored towards the occasion at hand. Find out below how you can style your lehenga by draping the dupatta in three different ways with our Style Insider Grishma Patel.

The latest style

Be a trend setter by draping your dupatta across the front and tucking the pleats in on the side. A lovely look for any party or convention.

The traditional style

Pleat and drape the dupatta on your shoulder, with the pleats aligned in the back. Wrap around & tuck in a corner on the same side to resemble a half sari. Perfect for cultural events and festivals.

The glam style

Let the pleated dupatta hang free in the front, wrap towards the back, and finally tuck a corner in on the opposite side. Great look for wedding receptions or any other grand event.

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