The One Stop Shop Every Bride Needs To Bookmark - Crimson Bride X Kyra & Vir

The One Stop Shop Every Bride Needs To Bookmark - Crimson Bride X Kyra & Vir


A celebration of love. A special occasion requiring an abundance of planning, time, effort, and money. From the outfits and decorations to the music and venue. Each component matters and should reflect the couple’s unique story. It’s about you. Your personality, taste, culture, individuality, and love. With so much to consider and so many options, it can get pretty overwhelming.

Thankfully, we found a way to make the wedding planning process easier and more enjoyable– with The Crimson Bride.

The Crimson Bride is an online platform and discovery tool created to help brides design & plan their dream wedding in a simple, stress-free and exciting way! And you know, here at India Boulevard, we love stress free. Because whether it’s clothes or the venue, every bride has a vision for her special moment– and fortunately, The Crimson Bride can help it beautifully unfold.

We got to talking with Founder and CEO, Simmi Singh when she decided to try out Kyra & Vir for a wedding she had to attend. She wanted a quality custom piece, quick and easy. Meanwhile, she told us her story. Simmi started The Crimson Bride after investing umpteen hours and tireless effort in planning her wedding. There was no system or reliable source to find quality vendors. There was no transparency. That’s when she decided: something needed to be done. With a background in finance, she saw her future in The Crimson Bride.

So what does The Crimson Bride really do? It’s an online platform that helps you discover & connect with the best wedding professionals – makeup artists, stylists, photographers, designers, jewelers, etc.  It consists of an online community that will help answer every one of your questions. You can even gain inspiration from their Real Wedding stories and stay up to date with beautiful Indian wedding trends on their Insta handle.

So sign-up now. Log-in to your custom dashboard to save your favorite photos, pin the coolest DIY wedding hacks, shortlist your favorite photographers. And...message, book, and pay your vendors, all through your portal.

The BEST part? You can do it all in one place.

(Second best part: You don’t need to lug around that massive wedding planning binder and stretch out your favorite tote)

So make sure to check out The Crimson Bride, and don’t forget to look at these gorgeous images featuring of Simmi Singh owning her Kyra & Vir piece.

She wore this exclusive outfit from the Lily & Bloom Spring Collection – a rose pink embellished blouse paired with a tiffany blue floral print lehenga lined with a golden border. A perfect blend of serenity, grace & glam. Click on the images to see the full outfit and details.

Like what you see? Check out the rest of our outfits from our floral collection - Lilly&Bloom to find the perfect look or get your very own custom outfit made.

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