The Grand History Of Lord Rama

The Grand History Of Lord Rama

The other day, I was on a particularly boring date, and while my date was rambling on about some seemingly superb business idea he has come up with, I can only confess that I got zoned out. And I couldn’t help but go into an existential zone of ‘where are all the good men?’

Ram Navami Lord Rama indian history cultureImage Credit: HariHarji

While returning in a cab, I couldn’t help but think of all the superheroes and slowly somehow, my train of thought parked itself in the Indian mythology department. And while Mahabharata may have captured the imagination of a lot of people, for me, the simple story of Rama and his glories have fascinated me since my childhood.

And while we’re still looking for our Prince Charmings, nobody steals the show like Lord Rama himself, in full gaiety and glory. We all have his picture engraved in our heads – the superhero that wouldn’t wear capes, but look resplendent in reddish colored clothes – something that became a trendsetter of hindu clothing.

Ram Navami Lord Rama indian history cultureImage Credit: India Times

But, the question is what makes him this mysteriously desirable character from history? His grand act of protecting the women in his life, by endangering himself and his kingdom is something that even after millions of years, will be told again and again. Although he was the rightful heir to the throne, he gave it up without a word to maintain the peace in his family, even if it meant leading a shoddy lifestyle in a forest. When his wife was abducted, he bravely launched a war against the perpetrator, Ravana till he defeated him through courage and intelligence, apart from a showing fantastic military capabilities.

One of the differences between Rama and Ravana, which is evident is that Rama is someone who doesn’t shy away from taking up his weaponry and charging on the field. He doesn’t hide behind his army, unlike Ravana.

Ram Navami Lord Rama indian history culture
Image Credit: Ancient Origins

There is no denying that Lord Rama was an extremely handsome man that drove many a woman of his times, crazy. We have Soorpanakha, Ravana’s sister as the case in point, whose desire to get Rama was evident and not even subtle. Rama, being a one man woman didn’t pay attention and instead diverted it to his brother, Lakhshman. And the rest, as they say, is Indian history.

From being called Raghava to Koshlendra, Rama may have had a lot of names, but the fact that he’s a household name rests heavily on his actions, and nothing else.  The original knight in shining armour. Indian mythology’s superhero. The poster boy for victory of good over evil. Indian culture’s macho man. He’s only raised the bar for men through ages.

Here’s wishing everyone a beautiful, strong and peaceful Ram Navami, celebrating this hero, from all of us.

Written by Tapoja Roy

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