The Custom Side of Being A Bridesmaid

The Custom Side of Being A Bridesmaid

Make no mistake, being a bridesmaid is a big deal. It’s almost as big a deal as being the bride some might say. In fact, a few might even go to the extent of saying being a bridesmaid is a bigger deal than being the bride. Either way, it’s safe to say that the one thing you don’t want to look when called upon to be a bridesmaid is run-of-the-mill. And when you don’t want to look run-of-the-mill, the one place you should give a good dekko is Kyra & Vir.

Put simply, the art of ‘being custom’ and ‘being personal’ without having to pay an arm and a leg for it is in something crafted by the skilled team at Kyra & Vir (and you) for you and only you.


The special side of being a bridesmaid


When your girlfriend asks you to be a bridesmaid, she is telling you that she loves you, that you are one of the people she is closest to, and that she wants you beside her during her big day. It’s a very sweet gesture and says a lot of good things about your relationship. That said, the reality of being in a bridal party means months of commitment, thorough planning, and investing a lot of time dedicated to making this time perfect for her. In truth, being a bridesmaid is far from easy. The outfit is perhaps the most important part of the role.

This is where Kyra & Vir can help you fit in perfectly. And stand out. When it comes to the outfit, you have to keep in mind that you’re going to be wearing something very special on the big day. There are a few things you must make a note of. For starters, make sure you order it far in advance.

Make sure it’s color coordinated.
Make sure it’s in keeping with the theme of the wedding.
Make sure it fits you well.
And make sure the effect is so stunning that the bride is praised to the high heavens for choosing such a gorgeous bridesmaid!

In fact, to ensure all the parts above are in order, just make sure you talk to us about it. Keeping all these things-to-do in mind, here are a few suggestions IndiaBoulevard would like to make to get you started on the wonderful, albeit testing, job of being a bridesmaid. Take a good look at a small selection of what we have laid out for you, and if you like what you see, we’ll take it from there. We have contemporary sari sets in gold, green, blue, reds, and floral.


We have elegant and resplendent anarkalis in unique colors, floral patterns, and exquisite embroidery.

And we have eye-catching lehengas in blue, floral, and embroidery. 

Happily, we have and can put together even more for you, with you. So if you don’t absolutely adore what you see, feel free to talk to us about it. The fact is, no matter where you want to go with your idea of being a very special bridesmaid, Kyra & Vir will take you there…in style! 

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