The Barrier Breakers Behind Unfair & Ugly

The Barrier Breakers Behind Unfair & Ugly

Art imitates life, and desi millenials know that TV is no exception, and that TV can become an addiction. Well, lucky for us, Unfair & Ugly is about to be your own person brand of heroin. Unfair & Ugly tells the story of an American-Muslim family living in Orange County, who is trying to make it, while keeping the family together. However, more importantly is the women behind the screen, Yumna Khan and Nida Chowdhry.

Unfair and Ugly South Asian Tv Show Youtube Founders Unfair & Ugly

Yumna and Nida founded their production company called Stranger Magic, which focuses around “diverse, high-quality stories that capture the magic of everyday people around us.” This company has quickly become a growing empire in the diverse world of production.

Unfair and Ugly South Asian Tv Show Youtube Founders Yumna and Nida

Surprisingly, the show was inspired by one of our absolute favorite series, the hilarious, Arrested Development. Nida mentions how she would have loved to see this type of show in the Brown community, facing different challenges, showing how flawed they are, but in a relatable and truly loveable way. Yumna then goes on to explain how the show is really centered around the things that no one wants to talk about, the so-called “family taboos.”

Unfair and Ugly South Asian Tv Show Youtube Founders  Yumna and Nida

As one would expect, these taboos center around issues like mental health, racism, religion, identity, and a sense of belonging in a community where you may feel like you don’t belong at all. Internalized racism is a hard topic, one that many people do not even understand. Yumna and Nida’s goal is to bring these issues to life and normalize them, because as many of us know, it is normal, and never something that should be swept under the rug. 

Watch the main character, Sana, bring to life these issues and the brainchild of Yumna and Nida in Unfair & Ugly, which is now streaming on Youtube!

Written by Aubrey Rojas

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