The Story Behind The Musheerah Dress

The Story Behind The Musheerah Dress

“I felt nothing less than a princess when I wore my outfit from Kyra & Vir. I selected this dress because it gave me an ethereal Princess Jasmine vibes. I have been obsessed with Jasmine since I was young,” says Musheerah, one of our very special clients.

Musheerah was born in Fiji but lives in Auckland. When we asked her why she chose Jasmine as her inspiration for her ball gown, she says, “ Jasmine represents brown skin beauty to the world. I feel as if darker skinned girls even in their community, are sometimes made to feel inferior as if the color of their skin defines their beauty.”

Musheerah is a modern girl, but she believes in upholding her culture as much as she can. “ My parents have always encouraged me to hold on to my roots. I am so grateful to our elder generation for teaching us this value.”

Musheerah also admires the styles of Bollywood actress, Priyanka Chopra, and Deepika Padukone. For her, personal style means a mix of modesty and elegance.

For those of you who don’t know, Musheerah is a poet herself. When she saw a fairness cream ad, she penned a beautiful poem to reflect her thoughts.


“ When you hear the words 'You’re pretty...for an Indian girl” and you want to hurl. When you see shelves stocked with bleaching, skin whitening chemicals, and you begin to think that only way you’ll look fine, is if you were white.

When you dare to think that your dark derma is defined by the dirt and sweat of the cotton fields.

I want you to remember...

Your skin is the color of dewy caramel,

Opulent, like the richest melted chocolate

You are the raw brown of earth's unaltered beauty


  We are in awe of you Musheerah. Continue to shine always. If you wish to know more about her, feel free to check her out on Instagram @musheerahnuha

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