South Asian Bloggers We Are Loving Right Now

South Asian Bloggers We Are Loving Right Now

Staying connected to your culture is not always easy. When you live in a melting pot like the US, you are constantly being pushed and pulled in different ways and its easy to leave behind the culture that you once held so close to your heart. But, we have a tip on how to avoid that! Social media is integrated into our everyday lives, and of course, it is always good to step away from being “connected,” but sometimes staying connected is the way to go. Using social media, like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, to follow other individuals of your culture, will not only give you inspiration, but also it gives you a chance to be part of a cultural community that can help strengthen your cultural connection. So to get you started, we have put together a list of South Asian bloggers we are loving right now.

Kaushal is one of our absolute favorite bloggers. She is a UK-based fashion and beauty blogger who incorporates a mix of desi style and street wear to come up with an impeccable wardrobe you will love and stunning makeup to match.


Arshia is a New York fashion and beauty blogger! She reviews a ton of beauty products that work well for all skin type and tones. Don’t miss out checking out her Youtube channel!  You can also catch her hanging out with her adorable golden retriever, which you know we love seeing!


Spinning because the love and support has been UNREAL. Wow. These past few days have been incredible... I released my “This is Me” video with no idea of how it would be received. All I knew was that I had a message to share and sharing that message was so emotional and so LIBERATING. Thank you for letting me bare my soul and accepting me without judgment. Thank you for the incredible messages of support and for loving me as I am. But most importantly, thank you for BEING YOU. Kind people do kind things. Loving souls spread love like wildfire. I have witnessed so much love and goodness in these past few days, and it only has proven to me that there is way more good in this world than bad. There is more light than darkness. I am on a mission to spread self-love, and with you I know we can drown out the voices of doubt and shame that surround us and uplift the blaring truth that we are ENOUGH, we are BEAUTIFUL and we are WORTHY. Right here. Right now. As we are. 💖

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If you aren't crushing on Nabela, then you can go ahead and stop reading now. We love this girl. From her inspiring posts to her killer fashion sense, she definitely makes us just want to be her best friend. Check her out ASAP for real like style and beauty inspo. 



We are simply loving Ragini R. She is a plus size blogger, who is all about self love, social awareness and diy-ing. She brings a different viewpoint than many bloggers, focusing on things like vintage clothing and celebrating everybody type as beautiful and what they unique looks they bring to the table. 


Shamima is cause quite a stiff in the blogger community, having recently decided to remove her hijab for personal reasons. We are loving how she is standing up for her ability to make any choice she wants and not letting others get her down, despite facing some backlash. We are rooting for her!

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