She Redefined Life to Travel The World

She Redefined Life to Travel The World


As featured on Brown Girl Magazine.

Written by Smita Das exclusively for Kyra & Vir. These photo series are a part of our ‘East Meets West’ photo shoot, curated in efforts to showcase how we merge our eastern and western flairs to shape our identities.

"My fashion has certainly evolved over the years. In college, ripped jeans and cute little tops were my go-to options. That style quickly changed when I began my 9 to 5 corporate job, and my wardrobe transitioned from college girl to business casual. My walk in closet was now lined with button up blouses, knee-length pencil skirts, and several navy blue and khaki slacks. However, two years ago, when I left the security of my steady paycheck to spend a year trekking solo around the world. Everything in my life evolved again, including my sense of fashion and style.

Following my travels, I moved to New York City to continue the self-journey. I quickly immersed myself in the world of modeling and real estate upon my move to the city of dreams. My passion for real estate was a result of my desire to become an interior designer. I would spend hours watching decorating shows and found myself designing my personal living spaces the way in which I would pair different colors within my professional outfits, much like in the book, “The Well-Dressed Home.” The two passions became a natural complement and it became no accident that I found myself pursuing modeling and real estate in New York City, known to be the fashion and real estate capital of the world. Immersing myself in these creative occupations has allowed me to further explore my taste in personal style and expression.

I am naturally drawn to the deep colors and patterns reminiscent of Indian fashion. I enjoy pairing black signature pieces, such as a blazer or leather jacket, synonymous with New Yorker style, over a jewel toned top in a color that accentuates my dark skin tone. Among my favorites, and not coincidentally also the colors of the Indian flag, are turmeric yellow, saffron orange, and Indian green. A pair of jeans ripped or not, are here to stay and still one of my favorite things to wear with everything. Though I no longer can wear stiletto heels with my outfits, you’ll rarely catch me in flats, which is also great practice for the runway. Finally, a beautiful piece of jewelry polishes the entire outfit.  I find nothing beats the exquisite nature of Indian jewelry such as bangles, necklaces, and my favorite - dangling earrings.

I have fallen in love with New York City a true melting pot of people, cultures, and ideas! My environment and collaborations with fashion designers have also influenced my sense of style. Each time I go in for a fitting, for a modeling job, I am inspired to try something new in my personal wardrobe. Like my lifestyle, my fashion continues to evolve and I love to incorporate new elements as I grow as an individual. Nevertheless having signature pieces which can be layered to create a professional and classic look is key for my multi-career, on-the-go lifestyle.  Some might say east meets west, yet I envision my style as a global citizen of feminine independence."

About Smita: Prior to relocating to the concrete jungle, Smita enjoyed mild winters and scorching summers in Phoenix, Arizona. Before her big move to the Big Apple, she spent 10 years as an Engineer and decided it was time to pursue bigger dreams.  In 2014 she found the courage to quit her 9 to 5 job and travel around the world for one year, solo.  Following a journey across 20 countries, her compass would ultimately point her towards the Fashion and Real Estate Capital of the world where she now balances her passions for Fashion Modeling and Real Estate—New York City.  Smita’s fashion, real estate, and travel adventures can be found on Instagram @hashtagsmita

Photographer: Pooja Dhar of PR Photography | Creative Director: Amy Devan | Makeup and Hair: Jasmin Rahman | Jewelry: Reemat Designs | Backdrop: Ashni Mehta’s Home

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