Republic Day 2018 Recap

Republic Day 2018 Recap

Don’t worry if you missed the celebrations happening in New Delhi this past Friday. We’ve got you covered with these essentials highlights:

  1. The ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) flag flew high over the celebrations for the first time— because this year marked the first (in history!) that leaders from all 10 member countries were in attendance.
  2. In keeping with tradition, President Ram Nath Kovind gave a speech on the eve before the celebrations. You can watch the playback here.
  3. The celebrations featured colorful displays from 14 different states and territories. Check out some of the best tableaus here.
  4. For the first time ever, an all-women contingency of Border Security Force (BSF) performed. And it was pretty awesome.

Here’s a final line-up of a few great pictures snapped during the celebration.

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