Nupur Singh - The Inside Story

Nupur Singh - The Inside Story

Love, passion and fashion - words we live by at Kyra & Vir. So when well-known Singaporean fashionista - Nupur came to our office we knew it was a match made in heaven. Who better to end 2016 than our very special social queen - Nupur Singh!

"I started my career in investment banking and over the years trained and learned to care deeply about fashion. Along with driving marketing and social efforts in the office, just like many others, I hustle through the night to work on my blog, The Crispy Corner

I love what I do, so there is no question of being tired or even balancing anything. I grew up in a household which was not related to fashion at all, but my mother loved dolling me up with new clothes all the time. Just like most girls, I looked up to my mom and share her love shopping and styling clothes. My parents hardly ever bought anything for themselves. It was always about me. So as I grew up, I converted my love for fashion into fashion blogging. It was my way to share with the world what I thought style meant to me - a reflection of my mom.

Traditionally an investment banker, much like many others it is hard to make a switch to a completely different industry especially when you have invested so much in one. But at the end of the day, you need to ask yourself, what inspires you on a daily basis. Of course knowing the right people and having the perseverance to hang on, helps as well.

What fascinates me about Kyra & Vir is the mission behind it - to make everything easy, accessible and beautiful.

I love the fact that I am part of a startup that has the vision to change the way we view fashion. Traditionally we have been taught to fit into sizes and trends. With Kyra & Vir, we encourage people to stand out and create their own fit and design which has a piece of their identity in it. As for social media, I love that it is so dynamic. It is thrilling how small it has made the world.

This top is a reflection of my multi-faceted personality and allows me to celebrate me!"

To know more about Nupur, you can follow Nupur on her blog or on her Instagram.

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