Nina Vir: From Barbie to Branded

Nina Vir: From Barbie to Branded

Remember when you were 16? Just getting your license, worried about how you will do on your SATs and what college you will go too. Sounds like the normal worries for a teenager. This was not the case for Nina Vir, she had other things on her mind. When she was 16, she started her very own business.

Nina decided to create Daily Dress Me “propelled by a candid idea: wouldn't it be easier if the weatherman just told us what to wear?” From there she hit the ground running. She followed her gut and began networking, exposing herself to new experiences and individuals in order to garner new insights and opinions. Her goal really was to create ease and fun when it comes to what you wear, and base it around the weather, while remaining stylish.  

Nina Vir Daily Dress Me Lehenga Dupatta
Nina Vir in a custom Kyra & Vir dupatta

Being a LA Native, style has always been a rich part of who she is. She believes that the “city's vibrant mix of individuals, easy-going vibe, and overall creative ambiance has definitely played an influential role in [her] sense of style.” However, LA was not the only place that created a huge influence on her creative passions. Growing up, Nina’s family visited India so often, and it was there that she fell in love with the country’s fashion, textiles, and handicrafts. She recalls a time when she found a wish list she created when she was around 6 or 7 that was just a long list of all the Indian outfits she wanted to get on her next trip, and for her nothing has really changed.

From the moment she started to play with toys, Nina has always had one role-model and style icon at the forefront of her mind, and that is Barbie. She describes how she admires “how [Barbie] can be an astronaut, a CEO, or an ice-cream shop owner all the while wearing fabulous outfits. She inspires [Nina] to “do it all” without compromising my style, femininity, or creativity.” With all these influences of places and “people” having such a lasting effect Nina has been able to grow her business substantially.

Daily Dress Me has grown exponentially over the years, building a social following and web presence that many refer to continually. As seen below, all you have to do is put in your location and suggestions on what you should wear are given. Basically, it’s like having a stylist and weatherman in one. Sounds like a dream come true!

Daily Dress Me Weather Man Style  

We are so impressed by how much Nina has achieved in just a few short years and we cannot wait to see what else she achieves!

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