Netflix Guide: September

Netflix Guide: September

Another month, another Netflix show! That's your motto too, right? Well, with the coming of the first Fall-ish month, comes new shows to watch, and this month we are particularly excited. Partly because the pumpkin spice latte has officially arrived and we can sip on that while watching tv, and partly because we Netflix originals have been amazing this year and we are ready for more. 

Netflix Sierra Burgess Is A Loser via Netflix

1. Sierra Burgess is a Loser: We tend to assume everyone watches Stranger Things, so when we say this movie has Barb in it you can understand our excitement! A modern day take on Cyrano de Bergerac, this one is obviously a must-watch. 

2. Iron Fist: Season 2, here we come! Obviously, we highly recommend you watching Season 1 first, which trust us, you won't be disappointed. But Season 2 is bound to be absolutely epic, so we cannot wait. 

3. Maniac: As soon as they said Jonah Hill and Emma Stone, we were down. This dark comedy is definitely at the top of our list with such a star-studded cast. 

4. Like Father: The father-daughter comedy you didn't know you wanted has finally arrived. This hilarious and relatable movie is a just so good, and to make it even better it stars one of our absolute favorites, Kristen Bell! 

5. The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society: An epic, emotional love story? Don't mind if we do. This romantic story will tug at your heart strings, so make sure to keep your tissues close. 

Netflix The Carrie Diaries via Netflix

6. The Carrie Diaries: Light and easy, this prequel to Sex & The City is a must if your a lover of the original and a great choice if you need something that doesn't involve too much thinking and is just happy-go-lucky view. 

7. Anne with an E: If you love old novels, Anne of Green Gables is a must for your reading list, but if those aren't your speed then this Netflix show should get you there as well. It's so well done and a definite uplifter. 

8. Stay Here: is HGTV your guilty pleasure? Cause if so, this show is the one for you. We couldn't stop watching, all the homes were just so beautiful. Trust us, grab your favorite snack and prepare to not leave your couch for hours. 

Now, get to it. Start watching as many minutes as you can! 

Written by Aubrey Rojas 

Aubrey Rojas

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