Netflix Guide: November

Netflix Guide: November

Halloween has finally passed and now it is all about the the food! Yup, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Can you smell the turkey and all the trimmings? Us, too. But, do you want to know what goes great while prepping and eating your thanksgiving yummies? Netflix does! So in your preparation for the holidays get ready and get bingeing, because November brings some of the best shows and movies straight to your home! Check out your November Netflix Guide here:

House of Cards, Season 6: Robin Wright is queen. Yup, the new president looks like she is going to be a complete and total badass in this new season and we cannot wait to see how she does! The final season is sure to not disappoint so get ready to binge!

Narcos: Mexico, Season 4: It’s back and this time it is in Mexico! At the end of season 3 we had a feeling they were going somewhere new, and now we know where! Who else is seriously stoked for this location change?!

The Other Side of the Wind: ORSON WELLES’ FINAL FILM IS HERE!! That’s right, it took 40 years but his final film is finished-ish? Either way, it’s here and we are so excited. That’s it, that’s all we can say, now go watch, go watch!

Westside, Season 1: If you love musicals, but not talent show types, this Netflix original is for you. It’s a docuseries that follows 9 musicians on their road to finding success. Talk about an inspirational show!

No Reservations
: Okay, we know this is an oldie, but it is definitely a goodie as well! No Reservations is the perfect movie to watch to get you in the mood for cooking that huge thanksgiving meal!

Wrinkle in Time: This new family favorite, filled with powerhouse names like Oprah, Reese Witherspoon, and Mindy Kaling, is perfect for prepping for the holidays, since it is something the whole family will enjoy!

Hallmark Christmas Movies: As we finish up thanksgiving, we must start prepping for one of the best days of the year…Christmas! And, what better way to do that then with endless, heartwarming Christmas movies?

Now that you have your list, it’s time to get cozy and get your eyes glued to the screen, cause it’s bingeing season!

Written by Aubrey Rojas

Aubrey Rojas

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