Majestic Mirror: Gadisar Lake

Majestic Mirror: Gadisar Lake

Just outside the busy streets of the city of Jaisalmer, you will find what appears to be the  majestical oasis of Gadisar Lake.

The lake, that once acted as a reservoir, which provided the water supply in entirety to the city, was created in 1400 A.D. and to this day acts as a water conservation tank.

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As such a prominent part of the city, the lake has become a frequent destination for city dwellers, boasting gorgeous sites throughout the seasons, including sensational views of migratory birds in the winter.

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Surprisingly, one of the most prominent parts of the lake is the endless amounts of catfish, which stay close to the edges of the lake for visitors to come by and feed them.

The lake is made even more monumental being surrounded by temples and shrines, and now has become a pilgrimage spot for practicing Hindus. Because of this, Lord Vishnu’s statue was placed at the entrance of the lake in 1908 A.D. to be a gesture of welcoming to invite people in.

From the day to day, the lake acts as a place for peace, meditation and art to be recognized. Many individuals go to the lake to reflect and spend time quietly, enjoying the beauty of nature and serenity. Musicians will also visit the the lake to play their soothing music for the on-lookers and passer-byers and visitors.

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