Lakme Fashion Week Highlights

Lakme Fashion Week Highlights

Lakme Fashion Week just wrapped up its final hours, and was (as usual) filled with the work of some of India’s best designers. Here are some highlights from this amazing weeklong event.

Heritage Meets Sustainability

Designer duo Saaksha & Kinni unveiled a Gujarat-inspired collection of designs that showcased, in the words of the Saaksha, the “heritage mirror work in the embroideries, so representative of this land.” The powerful duo also spoke up about the importance of ethically-sourced materials and sustainability in fashion. Get the full story here.

Lakme Fashion Week IndiaActress Kangana Ranaut steals the runway in Shyamal and Bhumika

Pastels? Yes Please.

The end of this year’s event saw tons of designers saying a big yes to pastels and other stunning muted shades, not the least of which included a gorgeous new collection of bridal wear from Shyamal and Bhumika.  

Lakme Fashion Week India
New designs from VineetRahul

All the Florals

Designers Vineet Kataria and Rahul Arya’s Bageecha unleashed a new look for their label VineetRahul with a series of romantic floral designs that captured the runway. Resembling blooms in a summer garden, these whimsical sets offered a dreamy respite for fashion-week goers.

Looking for even more Lakme Fashion Week? Get your fashion fix here.  

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