How To Wrap A Traditional Sari

How To Wrap A Traditional Sari

Finding the perfect sari isn’t so bad when we are here to create it for you…but, once you have that tangerine embroidered sari or your crimson red sari that you have been dreaming of, do you know exactly how to wrap it? No? Well, don’t worry, we have you covered (literally!). Here are quick and easy steps for how to wear your sari for a traditional Indian look.

Step 1: To start, you will need an under skirt or leggings, sometimes called a petticoat, which you will tuck the sari into. Start with the end of the sari and tuck it in on the right side, continuing all the way around your waist. This will create the foundation skirt of the sari.

Step 2: After you wrap the sari completely around your waist, it’s time to make some pleats! You need to create 5 to 6 pleats that are around 5 inches long, starting from the tucked in part and moving along the additional fabric. This will create a layered look that gives texture to your sari. Once you have the pleats, you will tuck those in to the petticoat, on the left side of your body.  

Step 3: The third and final step is to wrap the leftover fabric around your waist once more, and for the finishing touch you throw the remaining fabric over your shoulder and that's it! 

Voilà! You have officially wrapped your sari. Now all you need is a few accessories to finish off your look. Try our stunning Dakina Bracelet Set, colorful Madeline Earrings and some killer heels, and you are ready to hit the town! 

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