How To Mix And Match Your Custom Lehenga

How To Mix And Match Your Custom Lehenga

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I have always loved fashion. As an Indian- American style blogger, I grew up exposed to the evolution of western styles while experimenting with Indian fashion and from a young age, for events, religious functions, weddings, and whenever I visited India. As my love for Bollywood grew, I also noticed style trends through actresses, movies, and songs, which largely reflect the trends and traditions of Indian wear, whether it's a simple sari from the 60s, the return of floral patterns, or edgy androgynous looks and dhoti-type pants. I love fusing both western and eastern wear to celebrate my heritage while expressing my everyday individual style.

Jennifer's made-to-order customized outfit.

I'm always looking for unique ways to incorporate Indian garb and inspiration into my looks, or figuring out ways to customize my Indian looks at events to express my individuality and creativity. That is why it was so important that I used a service like Kyra & Vir (formerly India Boulevard) where I had a say in my outfit from picking color watches and patterns to specific cuts and lining.

Jennifer's scalloped dupatta.

As a South Indian who loves everything Bollywood, I'd say my Indian outfits incorporate a bit of everything. I draw my inspiration from Sonam Kapoor. She seamlessly mixes edgy and traditional to any look. She knows how to take risks and that's the philosophy with which I create my fashion persona. I like trying new things even if it doesn't strike others as 'beautiful'. I think taking risks is important because it helps you flex your creative muscles and figure out ways to wear pieces in original ways. Olivia Palermo is another huge inspiration because she mixes both high-end and street pieces and embodies a style that's polished, feminine and edgy.

Jennifer in her custom lehenga.

I decided to get this grey floral lehenga for my cousin's wedding reception, I knew I'd heard about Kyra & Vir (formerly India Boulevard) before and finally took the plunge! It was so worth it.

Jennifer mixes her lehenga skirt with a black top.

When I first wore this lehenga, I felt stunning! What I loved most about it was that it was unique and it was so perfect for my individual style, given that I had custom requested the off-shoulder look for the blouse. Also, picking the color combo of the unorthodox gray mixed with the blue and green floral pattern was daring and bold, creating a look that certainly stood out at my cousin's reception.

From the service and communication to the efficiency and quality, I couldn't have been happier with my outfits! The best part? I was able to style the outfit in 3 different ways: traditionally, with my crop top & choker, and with my fave culottes.

Jennifer Laxmi mixes and matches her lehenga top with a pair of flare pants.

For those of you, who are curious, the process to order from Kyra and Vir is quite simple:
A: Pick your style (lehenga, anarkali, etc.)
B: Set your price range, set your date
C: Customize any details (this can be an ongoing process with the stylist/assistant, who is available on phone, WhatsApp and Live Chat)
D: Confirm your order and measurements
E: Await your precious arrival!

The stylists at Kyra & Vir were super receptive to all my customization needs (super high maintenance when it comes to the perfect color combos, swatches, and patterns). I was so stoked to see my off shoulder blouse come to life, and more importantly, for everything to fit me like a glove. I seriously recommend them, and sometimes they are accommodating with dupatta needs, color swaps, and even the timeline.

Check them out here.


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