Gayatri Patel Bahl: A Woman on a Mission

Gayatri Patel Bahl: A Woman on a Mission

Following your dreams, striving for what you want, and fighting your way to get there is something the Kyra & Vir team believes in so strongly. We are here to remind women that they are worth it, they deserve it, and they can do it. This is why we were so excited when we had the chance to sit down and talk with a woman who has done just that: Gayatri Patel Bahl. Gayatri is an actress, dancer, entrepreneur, and producer. Wow, has anyone else’s jaw dropped? What a woman!

Gayatri wearing a customized Kyra & Vir Navy Blue and Turquoise Lehenga


Gayatri began performing when she was just 7 years old. It all started in the small town of Dothan, Alabama, when she attended a local Diwali show. These shows included dance competitions, where girls would show off their fantastic moves for a prize, and Gayatri decided that she was going to go for the gold. She was determined, and since then has remained very serious about how she approaches her art. After she decided to enter the competition, she worked tirelessly for the next six months to prepare for the event; lo and behold, she won! As she says, “It’s always been go big or go home for [me]!”

For Gayatri, performance - and really everything she tackles - is all about education. She loves to challenge herself and make new discoveries in all areas she specializes in, including being an entrepreneur. She says, “There is a magic in the process that sometimes bleeds over into those ethereal moments we have all experienced at one time or another.” Gayatri is all about growth. She wants to learn and improve throughout her life, which is why she doesn’t just focus on being a performer but has developed her knowledge in the business world as well.


After spending so much time in India, mainly involved in Bollywood films, Gayatri decided it was time to take a step back and move herself outside the world of the silver screen. She was looking to step away from the creative and spend time focusing on her analytical perspectives a little more, searching more and more for what she wanted to do with her life. This is when she decided to start her company: BasicBranding. Launching BasicBranding allowed Gayatri to challenge herself in a new way and “stretch the technical side of [myself]. It keeps [me] balanced.” With this next stage, Gayatri learned so much more about herself. However, as she mentioned, her life is about stages and they tend to circle back to the same themes over and over again, which is why she is now recommitting herself to cinema.  

Because Gayatri has spent a considerable amount of time building her portfolio and growing her knowledge, she has much more input on what it means to succeed, but in a way that is true to herself. She comments on finding your true self, or “True North”: “Following your True North is basically the process of committing yourself to being true to what your deepest desires and passions are. For me, it's creating work that inspires and uplifts.” She likes to remind herself that one should never imitate another, for that is not staying true to who you are. Her process involves taking time to meditate and write in order to reflect on herself and the world around her.

Gayatri Patel Bahl is a woman whose experience, drive and passion is one to be admired. She has worked hard throughout her life to build and transform her life into exactly what she wants by staying true to herself. She encourages every woman to keep striving, saying, “Stay consistent. Develop strong habits. Learn a skill that can help you get by financially when the going gets tough as an artist. Never give up. And remember, you're never too old to be what you've always dreamed of being.”

Loved hearing about Gayatri? Read more about her on her website and follow her on Instagram!

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