Harleen Bola: Roots and Runways

Harleen Bola: Roots and Runways

“I couldn't get over the richness of the vibrant purple color of my Kyra & Vir dress. It has a simple design that has a mesmerizing royal quality to it. The first time I wore it, I felt this overwhelming sense of rightness, purity and above all simple happiness.”

San Jose-based Harleen Bola is a blogger and Social Media, Events, and Administrative Coordinator at Santa Clara University. Even at her young age, Harleen has always prided herself in having a strong sense of identity and firmly believes in the idea of staying in touch with her roots, stating “My dad always tells the story of how he came to this country from India with only $14.57 and built everything from scratch." Harleen credits her parents to being the constant inspiration for her, since they taught her that life sometimes doesn't go exactly as planned or wanted, but that is okay. She goes on to say, "They have helped me learn the value of being resilient and learning to live my life to the fullest."

For those who don’t know Harleen, she is filled with so many passions. From being a major bookworm to grasping her inner movie junkie, Harleen find she can't get enough of Indian soap operas, but really can you blame her? She takes her talent another step further by also dipping her toes in the worlds of photography, writing, and fashion. 

Harleen believes that fashion and unique styles are a way of telling one’s story. She is fascinated with the many different ways one can combine simple pieces to  create looks that leave an impact on the person wearing the outfit and the person seeing the outfit for the first time. 

“I feel that my personal style story is still being written, I am continuously looking to others in all forms of media and observing the story behind them. In doing so, I am able to better understand myself." 

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