From A Scavenger Hunt To An Engagement-Moon

From A Scavenger Hunt To An Engagement-Moon

Aman and I were actually introduced to each other through a mutual friend of our siblings at a Halloween party in 2013.  That friend claimed that he knew someone who would be perfect for me (this friend has only met me once in my life) and wanted to know if I would be willing to give my number to someone he knew.  I didn’t believe him, but still gave my number anyway.  Aman texted me after SIX days and blew me off TWICE for our first date.  Needless to say, I didn’t give him the time of day. After agreeing last minute, our first date was at a Starbucks and I just remember the conservation being highly inappropriate (if you know Aman, this is NOT surprising) but so much fun.  Since that day, our relationship evolved into an effortless union – Aman keeps me laughing and I’m so happy that I decided to give my number that day.
My favorite part of our love story (so far) is hands down Aman’s proposal.  It’s safe to say that every girl thinks about the way she’d want to be proposed to.  I got exactly what I always wanted – except it was 100x better than I could have ever envisioned.  It started in the morning in August 2016, with my sister handing me a scrapbook made by Aman, with the first page instructing me to start getting ready!  Aman sent me on an elaborate scavenger hunt to find him – in my own private limo – to all of our meaningful spots, where loved ones in our lives gave me the next clue (which was the next page in the scrapbook) + a handwritten card at each location leading me to him.
After proposing to me at “our spot”, we had celebratory drinks and then dinner with our great families.  As if that wasn’t enough, he also surprised me with an #engagementmoon right after dinner – we went to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico for a week!  (Aman secretly asked my supervisor for not only the proposal day but the entire week off from work, so I had absolutely no idea).  Aman planned for months and our parents, siblings, friends were ALL involved.  He put so much thought, effort and love into the proposal which makes it all the more special.
It was truly every girl’s dream come true proposal.
Written By Vibha:
 Vibha wears a custom-made lehenga designed and created by Kyra & Vir.
Akta Adani

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