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Fashion Focused: The 2017 Fashion Awards

Fashion is a concept that surpasses boarders, time periods, and people. Fashion is a unifying force that continues to grow and change with the ever changing society and world that we live in. This is why we put so much effort into staying current on trends, while still focusing on our own style. But, we have to acknowledge the women and men that lead this metaphorical army of dressmakers, shoe carvers, jewel cutters, and so much more, who are able to imagine our new favorite look before it ever even crosses our mind. The Fashion Awards does just that, giving support to these phenomenal designers all across the globe. And this year did not disappoint, with many celebrities showing off an endless line of killer looks all done by these supremely talented designers. So to kick off your end-of-the-year fashion look book, we have put together our favorite looks from the 2017 Fashion Awards.  


Halima Aden in Topshop

This laid back look is one of our absolute favorites. The mix of bright red and black make for the perfect combo that gives an eye-popping look. Plus, who doesn’t love the idea of a big fuzzy coat to keep you warm during the winter? It’s practical and gorgeous.

Winnie Harlowe in Brandon Maxwell

Winnie’s look reminds us so much of Angelina Jolie at the 2012 Oscars. Remember that? All fierceness and lots of leg. *Insert heart eyes here* The baby blue skirt with the ivory sweater quickly turns Ms. Harlowe into the Snow Queen we all want to be during the winter season.

Ashley Graham in Vivienne Westwood Couture

Simple, yet stunning. In the recent year, Ashley Graham has become an extremely prominent supermodel and shown us time and time again that the most important part of any outfit is your confidence. If you feel great, you will look great. This is even more obvious when she wears looks like this, which are focused around simple silhouettes with simple colors. Although this dress doesn’t make her stand out from the crowd, the confidence she exudes while wearing it definitely does.


Zendaya in Vivetta

What can’t Zendaya wear? She has been all over the map when it comes to her wardrobe. Zendaya is what we like to call a Fashion Daredevil. She will try almost any look and at the end of the day, she rocks every single one. This Vivetta gown is no different. The stars and sheer fabric just assist in making her look like the total rockstar that she is.


FKA Twigs in Versace

Now you may or may not know who FKA Twigs is, but this lady is a fashion icon. Basically, she has absolutely no comfort zone and is far more focused on making sure everything she does, including the things she wears, is focused around art and this Versace gown is no exception. The signature gold pattern boasts a royal look and her messy curls give a very Lisa Bonet vibe.  As a woman of complete confidence, we can’t wait to see what other looks FKA decides on as we approach the end of the year.

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