Eid 2018: Colors and Silhouettes

Eid 2018: Colors and Silhouettes

The holy Muslim holiday of Ramadan has begun, which means the celebration of Eid al-Fitr is right around the corner and this religious holiday is one that brings out some of the best fashion trends of the season. This year we are expecting to see many different styles, some of which inspired by the stunning fashion of the Met Gala and the 2 weddings of royalty, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja! That means we are seeing some seriously stunning styles that will make anyone turn their heads to get a second look. We have wrapped up the top Eid fashion trends for you to check out and get inspired by!


For the most fashionable colors pastels and brights are the colors of the season. We are talking blush pinks and light yellows which are the perfect spring colors, as well as fresh mint greens and the accent of ash rose. All these colors can mix and match these colors, such as making a mint green lehenga with ash rose embroidery and little accents of blush pink throughout the top and the dupatta. Next up is the bold colors of the season. This year it’s cherry red and aqua. Cherry red was emulated all through out the looks of the Met Gala. Deepika Paducone was wearing a bright red sweeping gown, while Blake Lively rocked a heavy embroidered gown. Aqua is also one of the best looks of the summer and can go with almost any color, especially the last color of the season: white! White stands for cleanliness and purity, which is the perfect color for Eid. Can you think of a better way to end Ramadan and celebrate Eid, than with an outfit that would make you feel like as beautiful as you are?

 Red Met Gala Eid Fashion 2018 Indian Fashion

Mint Eid Fashion Indian Fashion Shararas Pants Kurta Suit

Blush Pink Kurta Suit Eid Fashion 2018

Next up: Sillhouettes. This year is the year of the pants. We are talking shararas and cropped pants. Shararas are huge right now, the billowing pants paired with a cropped kurta top give a seriously gorgeous look that looks amazing on everyone. Speaking of kurtas, Lucknowi embroidered kurtas Lucknowi embroidery is a type of hand embroidery which is all white and creates a simple design that is absolutely stunning. Printed kurtas and kaftans are the last two big looks for Eid 2018. For the warmer climates, kaftans are definitely the way to go with the light airy flowing fabric and loose structure. Printed kurtas are fun and creative way to show your personality, whether it is with a floral print or a fun geometric print! Try a fun pattern for this Eid.

Shararas Pants Indian Fashion Cream and White Gold Eid 2018

Patterened Kurta Suit Eid Fashion 2018  

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Written by Aubrey Rojas & Reshmika Nag 

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