Diwali Fashion 2017: 7 Looks You'll Love

Diwali Fashion 2017: 7 Looks You'll Love

Diwali is a season of celebration, a time for everyone to come together and celebrate the victory of light over darkness. Whether you are cherishing the time with your close knit circle of friends and family or you are going out to party like there's no tomorrow, it is essential that your Diwali looks are on point. Don’t be afraid to find your inner fashionista and try styles that you wouldn’t usually go for, breaking away from traditional Indian style trends. Be brave and check out these fashion style tips that are sure to ‘wow’ everyone you spend your holiday with. 

Diwali Pastel

Pastel Passionate: Pastels aren’t just for the summer – this Diwali is all about bringing things to the lighter side by sticking to brighter colors that are sure to make you stand out.

Diwali Cutout

Classy Cutouts: Cold-shoulder looks were so on-trend this year, and that trend isn’t going away anytime soon! Whether it’s a top or a dress, the cold-shoulder style is the way to go this holiday.

Diwali Tassel

Trimmings Takeover: Tassels, fringe and beading, oh my! We know a great look is all about having the details just right, and this holiday is all about adding a little extra oomf. Top your skirt or shirt off with a few dangles to take your look to the next level.

Diwali Modern

Modern Takes: Modern and marvelous? Don’t mind if we do. Mix your everyday wear with a stylish embroidered jacket for the perfect mix of East meets West.

Diwali Asymmetrical

Perfectly Unaligned: Asymmetrical trends are everywhere right now and they should be in your wardrobe too! Add a couple clean line skirts and tops to the mix for a break from your traditional styles.

Diwali Cape

Casual Capes: As we move into the autumn, capes are becoming more and more popular. Jump on this fashion train with a cape that is bold enough to be dressed up but elegant enough to look fabulous with a pair of jeans.   

Diwali Lightweight

Lovely & Lightweight: Diwali is all about light, which is why lightweight fabric is the way to go. Think palazzo pants, flowy tops and sheer looks for staying on trend this holiday.

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Author: Aubrey Rojas

Ahmed Rizwan

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