Dilrani Kaur: The Necessities

Dilrani Kaur: The Necessities

Necessities are defined as things you cannot live without. In general, we think water, air, sustenance, but we tend to forget the more intricate parts of people, the emotional parts. For human beings, the necessities also include change, progress, creativity and positivity. Today’s world sometimes finds itself deprived of these things, but we are reminded by the individuals that push and fight with their own outlets that there is the availability for people to receive an abundance of these necessities. Dilrani Kaur, an artist with the power of positive thinking and advocacy for equality and self love is one of these individuals.

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Dilrani, known by her inner circle as Dil, is an illustrative artist, who’s one-line bio reads something along the lines of “I’m a clumsy, goofy, crazy illustrative artist/painter who enjoys dancing and playing the Santoor,” but this woman is all of this and more. She hails from West Yorkshire, England, as the daughter of her Kenyan born Punjabi mother and her Punjab born Punjabi father. For Dilrani, her family is the reason why she decided to become an artist, since her mom taught her the basics of art and the overall idea of being creative. Dilrani recalls defining moments in her childhood, stating, “being born a brown girl in the UK and growing up in the western world I’ve faced and seen so much negativity for many different reasons, such as racial bullying, as well as bullying based off appearance. Because of this, I grew up never wanting to make another person feel low about themselves for any reason especially for reasons they can not control.” These experiences are the reasons why she decided to follow the career path she followed.

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As a woman of creativity, there is really only one reason to do what you do, and that reason is love. Dilrani loves what she does because of the impact she gets to have on each and every person who sees her work. She describes the process of going from just enjoying what she does to the evolution of it being about “spreading positive and love to whoever wishes to receive it.” She explains further by stating, “By ‘positive vibes and love,’ I mean equality - race and religion, self love - who you are, what you look like, what you wear and that there is nothing wrong with how you were born - the shape of your face, the color of your skin, the size of your eyes, nose, lips, etc. Sounds super cheesy, but it’s a growing issue in today’s society, especially with social media being a platform where guys and girls will see each other on their “best” days and question themselves and how they look.” However, Dilrani knows that her power as an artist is not to be taken lightly and is also not something that comes naturally.

“It’s important that women are treated equally, not because they are women, but because they are human and are just as capable of doing things (if not more) as any one else.”

Creating real impactful art is not always something that just comes to you. Sometimes it takes months of no creation at all to get to the idea you have been searching for. Dilrani describes one of the most integral parts of being an artist as “creating, being original and not copying. [You have to have] patience and not create work and become someone you’re not just to gain likes, follows and fame.” Society nowadays can get very caught up with the image that they project and with the recent issues of politics, Dilrani has seen that more than anything there has been a shift in individual’s curiosities. They are pursing more and more in the knowledge of cultures. Since Dilrani’s art is culturally influenced, she has received an influx of extremely positive responses to her work. Following in the political sphere, Dilrani reminds us as a female artist that the feminist movement is also a necessity.

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Dilrani explains her take on the feminist movement by saying, “It’s important that women are treated equally, not because they are women, but because they are human and are just as capable of doing things (if not more) as any one else.” For Dilrani, she knows that the US made a great amount of progress in 2017, but 2018 is another year to make more things happen. Dilrani wants “to see more people actually doing things about it, as big or as little, every little thing helps, and not just sit on their phones and devices talking smack on every post about the subject. Simply put - do something to make a difference instead of yelling at a screen if they feel that passionate about it.” Action speaks louder than words and as an artist, Dilrani takes actions everyday to create a difference by creating meaningful, authentic pieces that impact her life and the lives of the people around her in many different ways.

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At the end of the day, it all comes back to the community and building the type of world we want to be a part of. “When I think about my journey and how it all started till now, and where it has gone, though I don’t consider myself successful or anything like that, it just excites me to see where this venture will take all of us and how I and we as a society will evolve, especially with brown girl, culture, and feminist movements actively happening. I’m really looking forward to grow together as a creative and strong community.” Just another reminder that to us that together is better.

Written by Aubrey Rojas

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