Designer Spotlight: Swati Adani

Designer Spotlight: Swati Adani

We've got some exciting news! Kyra & Vir is rolling out with a designer series on the blog. (Yes!)  We want you to know who exactly are the masterminds behind our intricate pieces, what the different design processes are, and how much effort is put in into each individual order.  We will be publishing monthly spotlights on all of our designers who make your dream dress designs literally come true. The first designer we're featuring is Swati Adani, our CEO's mother! She was the initial inspiration behind Kyra & Vir. Read more about her journey below.

  • What's your name, where are you from, and when did you join India Boulevard's Design Team?

    My name is Swati Adani and I am from Mumbai. I was born and raised in town called – Patna, the second largest city in Eastern India. I have been a designer with Kyra & Vir since inception of April 2015 and have loved being on this platform and seeing it grow.

  • Tell us about your journey in becoming a designer?

    I have 7 siblings – 5 sisters, and 2 brothers. Growing up, I have always admired Bollywood. I studied Art and I had a creative side where I used to make small things for our house like hand painted handkerchiefs and crochet mats. When I got married in 1978, I moved to the city of Mumbai and have taught myself sewing. I used to sew clothes for myself, and my children. One day my neighbour asked me to make a dress for her and that was really the start. One dress at a time. My journey began 25 years ago and today, I am the proud owner and designer of my own boutique studio.

  • Where did you find inspiration for your designs?

    I find inspirations looking through runways and most importantly by talking to my customers. My biggest motivation comes from my customers, having a relationship with them and making something that is true to their style and personality. 

  •  Is there a special piece you've designed in the past that you still think about today?

    Yes, actually there are 2 of them. I designed my son’s wedding suit (called a sherwani) that he wore to his wedding. I also designed my daughter – Akta’s – wedding dress. Seeing both of them taking such a big step in their life was very emotional and fulfilling for me.

  • What is the toughest lesson you've learned when it comes to being a designer and staying in business? 

    Be patient and listen to your customer.

      • What is your process of finding fabrics and textiles?

        Usually the fabric is decided based on the body structure, size and shape of the individual. Once I know the silhouette we recommend fabrics. I source fabrics from a select set of vendors – whose quality has been personally vetted by me. It is very important to me that as a designer I never compromise on the quality of the fabric.


      • How do you feel when you receive photos of clients wearing your work? 


        For years actually I never saw my clients wearing an outfit as we didn’t have smart phones in my early days. Recently with social media and other messaging tools, I get to see my clients all dressed up and it is immensely satisfying. The joy of seeing them wear a part of themselves in a dress that I had a chance to design is a huge inspiration for me.

      •  You were Akta's main inspiration for launching Kyra and Vir, what were your thoughts when she first told you her plans of becoming a CEO? 

        Akta can better answer the question. But a fun fact that no one knows – for the longest time Akta never wanted to be in fashion as she never considered herself to be a fashion designer. After all these years, to see her choose a path and fulfill my life’s work through Kyra and Vir is humbling to say the least. When she first told me she’s starting Kyra and Vir and be a CEO, I had given her advice which she follows till today – Work hard and be patient.

      •  If there's one piece of advice you can give to an aspiring designer, what would it be? 

        My one piece of advice to an aspiring designer would be – pay attention to the smaller details – whether it is in your design, finishing touches or listening to the needs of your customer. The beauty lies in the finer details.

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