Craving for a Dosa?

Craving for a Dosa?

Dashna and her friend work at the Wells Fargo bank in San Francisco. A walk in any direction would land them on the doorsteps of great downtown restaurants.  To put it simply, they are spoiled by endless choices. I spotted them as they gleefully looked at fresh flowers at the roadside flower shop. They had ordered their lunch at the food tent perched in the corner of the street. Like them, a handful waited for their lunch plates, but a long line was quietly building up along the road.


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“Have you eaten here before?” I ask Dashna, who gave me a head nod and a smile.

“Their dosas are great. The filling inside is just right. The sambar is not too watery. All in all its easy and delicious to eat” she said.  With brief pauses she continued her instant review. “If I were sick and wanted to eat some home cooked Kichree, there is no other place, in San Francisco, I would go to. Can’t think of anywhere else. It’s fresh, mild and feels closer to home.”

I wandered around their tent for a while and gave in to the temptation of trying the food myself. The Dosa Brothers is a South Indian street foods stand in the heart of San Francisco. They serve yummy dosas, kichree and freshly made mango lassi. As I was waiting in the queue, I heard many languages and conversations. The man behind me vouched to his friends about what was in store for them and how he has tried every dosa that was ever made in San Francisco.

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The menu is small with three dosa choices, the masala dosa with potato pea filling, the paneer dosa and the mixed dosa with both the fillings. The dosas are topped with a thick sambar and with your choice of chutneys. You could either go for the traditional coconut chutney or the awesome sauce, made from sour cream, jalapenos and cilantro. The dosas are served in a cone or in a box. I was in an experimental mood and tried the home-style kichree and awesome sauce.  It was absolutely filling, warm and just what I needed on a chilly winter day. Diane was next in the line.

“I don’t live around here, but every time I come here for work, I definitely make a trip here. I am a vegetarian and this places makes me [feel] blessed.  I have been to many places that [claim they are] specialized in dosas, but this one is the best. I just wish they open up in Seattle. They will definitely have my business and many others,” she said. 


Image Credit: Yelp

I peeked into the food stand to have a quick word with the busy chefs, but there were so many people waiting for their lunch plates, I simply could not keep them all waiting. As I watched them effortlessly make dosa after dosa, it reminded me of the dosa stands back home. Waheguru Khalsa, the man behind the restaurant is an American who grew up as a Sikh. During his time in Amritsar and other places in India, he fell in love with the dosa and the rest is history. If you are looking for a delicious, healthy, quick, South Indian food, sprinkled with some California awesomeness, the wait is over.

Ahmed Rizwan

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