Raksha Bandhan With A Mischievous Twist

Raksha Bandhan With A Mischievous Twist

Raksha Bandhan directly translates from Sanskrit to mean “the knot of protection.” As sisters tie a decorative Rakhi around the wrists of their brothers, they pray for their well being. In return, brothers promise to watch out for their sisters. The day is associated with feelings of love and happiness, but anyone who has a sibling knows that the best way to express your love is through a little teasing. So sisters, here are a few fun ways to show your love this Raksha Bandhan. Brothers, beware!

The Rakhi

Buy your brother a big, beautiful rakhi. But don’t stop there! Make sure the rakhi is very high quality, so the decorations don’t fall off a week after Raksha Bandhan and be sure to tie it very tightly! This rakhi is the perfect opportunity to tease your brother for weeks without effort; it will get in the way while he is playing sports, his friends will tease him endlessly at work, and he will continue to be distracted by the flashy bling on his wrist.

The Tilak

The tilak is the optimal way to tease your brother if you want a short term joke. Load up on the red lead when you draw the tilak on your brother’s forehead and be sure to make it very, very big and bright! Unleash your artistic abilities - this is your time to shine! Act casual after you’re done, so your brother doesn’t suspect your crime and enjoy the rest of the day laughing at the ‘artwork' on his face.

The Sweets

It’s time to give your brother some laddu, kaju barfi, or whatever the sweet of choice may be. It’s hard to tease someone when you’re feeding them their favorite dessert, but take a moment to recall what your Dadi always told you: “everything in moderation, beti!” Fill your hands with all the sweets you can hold and make your brother eat them all, like the sweet sister you are.

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