Caping It Right With ThatGirlPosh

Caping It Right With ThatGirlPosh

Written by Roshini Daswani from thatgirlposh exclusively for Kyra & Vir.
The cape lehenga is the Indian fashion trend of the season! I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Kyra & Vir for this gorgeous Indian outfit. The process was easy and simple - select and upload your outfit inspiration - select desired style - perfect it by collaborating with the in-house designer - you model it you own it. I was so happy with this creation; it was more than what I imagined it to be.
In both Hollywood & Bollywood, the cape trend has taken over the fashion world by storm. This has been a trend of been I’ve dying to try out, and I’m in love! I love adopting modern silhouettes with ethnic wear; it’s such a fresh take on a traditional lehenga. It’s the new alternative dupatta on a lehenga.
For all those girls who feel conscious of their arms, this is a trend for you! Kimono Capes do the trick in camouflaging the underdeveloped triceps. The definite lines that run down the arm create the illusion of length and leanness, focusing the eye on the waist.
Photography by Mariam Alaamer| Indian Outfit Kyra & Vir | Choker La Moda | Shoes Asos | Hair Accessory Claire's | Hair & Make up @makeupbyaishaa
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