Bangalore: India’s City Of Tech And Start-Ups

Bangalore: India’s City Of Tech And Start-Ups

Often referred as the ‘Silicon Valley’ of India, Bangalore has risen to be the capital of technology and start-ups in the South Asian country. The cosmopolitan houses some of the brightest minds in India, today, and some of the most influential organisations like Infosys and the Indian Space Research Organisation. But, Bangalore was not always a bustling urban city. So, how did the change come about? Here’s the story:

History of Bangalore

Bangalore was a quiet town, part of the Princely State of Mysore under the British rule. The city was known for its green spaces and temples. After the British shifted their cantonment base to Bangalore, the city advanced rapidly in terms of amenities like water and electricity. Bengaluru city also became one of the first cities in India to generate electricity from a hydroelectric plant in 1906.

Green Space Bangalore Start Up Tech
Image Credit: Green Space in Bangalore by Pixabay

Electronic city and the internet

It was in the 1970s that Bengaluru’s transformation came about. Under the supervision of R. K. Baliga, the first Chairman of Karnataka State Electronics Development Corporation and the brain behind Bangalore’s Electronic City, an industrial park spread over 330 acres with some of the biggest companies in India as well as the world. He envisioned a hub where the brightest minds in technology would work. Some of world’s largest companies like Hewlett Packard, Siemens and Indian companies like Wipro and Infosys established offices in the Electronic City.

Wipro Bangalore Start Up Tech
Image Credit: Wipro Offices by Pixabay 

Green Space Bangalore Start Up Tech
Image Credit: Infosys by Pixabay

Then came the internet boom that further boosted R.K. Baliga’s dream. The Software Technology Parks of India, a society established by the Indian Ministry of Communications, was formed in the Electronic city to encourage the export of software from India. It became the first space in the country to have internet.

Bangalore IT Tech Startup India
Image Credit: Pixabay

The modern Bangalore

Bangalore grew expeditiously to one of the most productive metro areas of India. Today, Bangalore software companies employ 35 per cent of India’s software professionals and the city’s gross domestic product (GDP) is about 83 million on US Dollars.

Just recently, the city was named the city with the best digital environment in a poll conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit that considered cities like Tokyo and Berlin. Their interviews with over 2,600 executives worldwide revealed that amongst the most developed cities, they were most confident about Bangalore’s financial environment, labour and skill and innovation in technology.

Green Space Bangalore Start Up Tech
Image Credit: Flickr

Some of the most successfully running start-ups like the grocery and household item delivery app Big Basket, food delivery app Swiggy and the taxi app Ola are based out of Bangalore. In 2017’s first quarter alone, Bangalore based start-ups raised about $2.5 million in funding from across the world. That means the foreign market is extremely optimistic about Bangalore’s start-ups and innovative ideas.

Written by Aditi Mukherjee

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