Ask Akta: What's in a CEO's Bag?

Ask Akta: What's in a CEO's Bag?

When I started Kyra & Vir, one of the first things I realized was that I was always going to be on the go, whether it was meetings or interviews or an array of other things. I barely sit down, so I soon realized I need to have certain things with me at all times. I’m not just talking business cards and a pen, I’m talking about things much more important than that. So to help out any girl on the go, I have but together my must-haves in my purse that make my life much simpler. Take notes ladies!

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1. Wallet: I know, this one was obvious, but I can’t tell you the importance of having an organized wallet. A place for your credit cards, business cards, I.D., and cash - and trust me you do always want to have a little cash on you! I swear by my red (I love red leather!) Salvatore Ferragamo wallet, which I got 5 years ago when I got a promotion at Morgan Stanley and it has been my faithful companion ever since! Definitely recommend investing a good, quality wallet.

2. Business cards: As I said business cards are a must. San Francisco is a city of networking, you never know who you are going to meet, what if Elon Musk is hanging out at Philz, you don’t want to miss out on any opportunity!

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3. Productivity Planner: Okay, some of you are probably wondering what a productivity planner is? Well, when you have a lot going on on any given day, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or sidetracked, but with a productivity planner, you are able to keep track of your top 3 priorities for they day, while also adding on the other things you achieve! I swear by my planner.

4. Treats for the pup: I live in San Francisco, and it’s a dog friendly city, which means...I get to bring my Australian Labradoodle, Rio, everywhere with me! And he deserves a good treat or two, so I always make sure to keep those handy.

5. My laptop: I know, I know, carrying a laptop around can get pretty exhausting! But, I find that it is at the most random of times that I get a big idea or have the urge to write. I’m at a random coffee shop downtown right now typing this because I became inspired while checking out the Nordstrom’s Annual Sale. If your laptop is light enough, like mine, having it by your side does not hurt.

6. Keys, Phone, Pen: These are necessities always, but keep in mind: your keys can act as your protection (anyone else have pepper spray on their keychain?), how many times a day do you look for a pen, and isn’t your phone your map & stereo? Exactly! They are a must.

7. Headphones: Speaking of phones, headphones also should be added to the bag. In between meetings, I like to de-stress by jamming out to my favorite music, queue up Drake’s New Album and Calm (their music is great). It’s just helps with commutes and stress relief!

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8. Sunglasses and Lipstick: These are functional. Sunglasses because here in SF weather changes so quickly, one minute there is fog everywhere and the next it’s so sunny it’s blinding, always keep these close. As for the lipstick, when you are constantly moving and talking, your makeup fades, but there is nothing like a touch of lipstick to pull it all back together.

9. Tape Measure: Okay, this is more personal, my mom always told me to have one handy, so wherever I go I keep one with me. Surprisingly, it has actually come in handy more times than I would have thought.

10. Twix: My absolute weakness. Sometimes, during a long day, you just need a pick me up and your favorite chocolate is just the perfect thing to do it! As I always say, a Twix a day keeps the doctor away. That’s the phrase, right?

And that’s it! Those are my 10 go-tos. So next time you are cleaning out your purse, make sure you have all the necessities in it to make sure you are set for anything the world throws at you!

Written by Akta Adani

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