All That Glitters - The Yusra

All That Glitters - The Yusra

The following is a repost from influencer, Yusra Siddiqui. 

Can we talk about this skirt for a second, though? 

I have always been a big fan of decked out skirts, pants, and lehengas and for those of you who follow me can vouch for that. This silver statement piece skirt falls right up my ally and I've been pretty excited to share this look with you all.

This dreamy skirt is the creation of Kyra & Vir (; IG: @kyraandvir) and I teamed up with them to design this customized handcrafted skirt. So why shy away from shining? Pair this exquisite skirt with a simple top for an elegant look like I did or with a sequined top for a more decked out party look. 

For all those of you, like me, who come from the Pakistani/Asian culture where it is the norm to make outfits that are completely customized as per your preferences, would appreciate the work that brands like Kyra and Vir do. It's something I have grown up with and to see my traditional cultures blend so well into the modern times is pretty wonderful. I encourage you all to continue this heritage–Get online and design your outfit for your prom or the wedding you have to attend. 

Customize your own outfit at

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