A Letter From Our CEO - Akta Adani

A Letter From Our CEO - Akta Adani

I'm excited to announce a new milestone in our journey towards making designer wear affordable and accessible for everyone. Over the past two years, we've had the opportunity to be part of your celebrations, birthdays, proms and weddings along the way. Now, as we expand beyond traditional ethnic wear to serve a broader and diverse community, we are rebranding as Kyra & Vir!

Kyra stands for a 'strong woman' and Vir is often associated with a brave man. Together, Kyra & Vir represents a strong, modern individual with their own sense of style, purpose and most importantly soul.  

We continue to believe what you wear should be a reflection of who you are. That is why we partner with indie designers to blend your style and personality with the time-tested skills of our designers to develop an exclusive look just for you.
Our new website is - kyraandvir.com and our contact information are shown below:

Stylists & Support: inquiries@kyraandvir.com
Feedback & Escalation: help@kyraandvir.com
Press & Other Business: hello@kyraandvir.com
Check out our Instagram and Facebook for more!

I look forward to your continued support as we embark on this new journey.

As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions, feedback or suggestions for us!


Akta Adani

Founder & CEO | Kyra & Vir

Akta Adani

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