5 Reasons Freya is Proud to be Parsi

5 Reasons Freya is Proud to be Parsi

To celebrate Navroze, the Parsi New Year, we decided to team up with our successful and talented friend Freya Birdie. Freya loves globetrotting and has lived around the world in NYC, Rome, Brussels, Bombay and now San Francisco. True to her Parsi roots, Freya is always up for an adventure and maaja masti.

Parsis make the most of life with great spirit and good humor! Parsis take pride in preserving their traditions which are ever more important now with a waning population.  

Here are Freya’s 5 reasons why she’s a proud Parsi

1. Making Us Proud - Leaders in business and philanthropy  

Parsis have made significant contributions to India across business and industry. Parsi culture emphasizes service which is why Parsis have also prioritized building schools, hospitals, infrastructure, arts & culture. “Good thoughts, good words, good deeds” are the tenets of the Zoroastrian faith and Parsis strive to live these ideals.

2. Our famous Parsi colloquialisms!

Parsis have helped unify cultures and lived up to their promise to sweeten India’s diaspora.Taare moneh saakar! Literally: Sweet in your mouth  Meaning: May it be done. Some other popular ones are:

Some other popular ones are:

Bhejoo na kha! Literally: Don’t eat my brain  Meaning: Stop bothering me

Doodh pau jhevo Literally: Milk bread like  Meaning: Effeminate and pale

Chanch maro  Literally: Touch with the beak  Meaning: Steal food

3. Our Parsi Gara embroidery is legendary

Parsi Gara embroidery is a unique blend of craftsmanship and design. It is a rich part of India’s diverse textile heritage. The Gara symbolizes style and timeless elegance.

4. No meat, no meal!

Chicken Farcha (Fried chicken appetizer) Dhansak (Lamb, mutton, goat, chicken or vegetables in a mixed lentil), Sali Murghi (Spicy chicken with fine fried matchstick potatoes) Saas ni Machhi (Yellow rice with pomfret fish fillets in white sauce) Prawn Patio (Shrimp in spicy tomato curry) Jardaloo Sali Boti (Boneless mutton in an onion and tomato sauce with apricots and fried matchstick potatoes) and Tamota ni Ras Chaval (mutton cutlets with white rice and tomato sauce), Patrani Macchi (fish coated in coconut chutney steamed in a banana leaf) are just a few of many dishes that are light on veggies and mouthwatering!

5. We have an ear for all kinds of music

Do know what Freddie Mercury - lead singer of rock n roll band Queen, and Zubin Mehta - a legendary maestro have in common? They are both Parsi!!!

Now isn't that cool. Talk about talent pool.

Parsis have you covered with the best!

Above all, we always believe in living life to the fullest – majja in life! Navroze Mubarak to everyone!

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